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The pressure washer is a useful innovation that is great for efficiently cleaning many different kinds of surfaces. These machines are powerful and very quickly able to blast away all kinds of dirt and build-up.


With that being said, it’s important to be aware of the different risks of getting carried away with too much of a good thing. That’s why you should be sure you know all about what surfaces can handle the power of pressure washing.


Do: Pressure Wash Your Deck


Decks that are constructed out of South American hardwoods like Camaru, Ipe, and Tigerwood are very much able to withstand the intensity of pressure washing. Pressure-treated wood such as southern yellow pine can also withstand pressure washing— as long as you use a low-pressure nozzle and don’t use it too close to the deck.


Don’t: Pressure Wash Your Roof


Yes, your roof probably gets very dirty as roofs tend to— but using a pressure washer to clean your roof can prove to be both dangerous and damaging.


For one, using a pressure washer while you’re on a ladder can completely throw you off balance from the blowback of the water.


And on the other hand, the power of the water from a pressure washer can loosen the shingles on your roof.