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Many homeowners and landscapers use a pressure washer for cleaning hardscapes around the home or job site. They’re a useful tool for cleaning hardscapes, including paving stones, concrete driveways, and bricks.

However, there are several horror stories of pressure washers stripping the paint off walls, or ripping shingles off the roof, or destroying siding.

The issue isn’t with the machine; it’s with how you use it. Inexperienced users might select the wrong nozzle, amplifying the intensity of the stream.

If you’re using the power washer on a high setting, it causes pitting and surface degradation in concrete and brickwork, ruining these hardscapes. It’s also possible to damage the brickwork and paving stones’ mortar, causing erosion.

Older concrete slabs have more resilience to pressure washing, but you’ll still create pit marks and pucks on the surface if you use a high washing pressure. New concrete doesn’t stand a chance against high-pressure washing, and you’ll end up destroying the surface.

When using your pressure washer, make sure you select the right nozzle and working pressure to suit your task. Keep the spray wand at a suitable distance from the surface to avoid damage during operation, and don’t hold it over the same spot for too long.